Malaysia Safety & Personal Protective Equipment Supplier

A High-Quality Malaysia Marine Safety Equipment Supplier

PPE is an acronym that stands for personal protective equipment, which is basically special equipment that is vital for heavy industries where workers needs extra protection. Keisha Marine Services (KMS) is one of Malaysia's most renowned companies in terms of personal protective equipment, as it delivers top-notch chemical products, electrical products, life saving equipment and a wealth of spare parts at very affordable prices. Keisha Marine takes pride in offering a mutually beneficial price-quality ratio, as well as in supplying to all sorts of ships in the marine field.

Keisha Marine is a popular business that is based on the principle of customer satisfaction and trustworthiness, this is why it will always struggle to keep its customers satisfied. The company believes that offering a fair price for quality personal protective equipment is the fastest and most efficient way to keep the customers happy while attracting new prospects. The company always keeps an eye on the stocks and they order new products as soon as they go out of stock. All the products are made from high-quality materials and they are designed to meet the standards and requirements of the International Maritime Organization.

Keisha Maritime believes that it is not enough for a company to build a reputation, as it has to maintain that reputation intact in the long run as well - this is why KSM is committed to satisfying the needs of its customer, even the most urgent ones. In addition to high-quality personal protective equipment in the marine field, Keisha Maritime also offers fire fighting equipment services of an irreproachable quality.

The company's goal is to be the number-one supplier and problem solver when it comes to personal protective equipment - over the years, Keisha Maritime has managed to raise brand awareness and increase its popularity in Malaysia, this is why it has extended its services to a number of different locations across the country. KSM also takes pride in having an excellent relationship with its customers, based on mutual understanding, communication, loyalty and trust.

Marine And Industrial Personal Protective Equipment

As mentioned above, Keisha Maritime offers a wide range of protective safety equipment in Asia. The equipments and services are tailored to meet the budget of its customers, and all the products have the necessary approvals as they meet the requirements on the review bodies in question. The personal protection equipment is 100% safe and the standards are according to the Malaysia Safety and Health Act.

KSM offers everything you need in the industrial field, from fall protection equipment to respiratory protection and gas detectors. Other high-quality and very sought-after products used in the marine and industrial field include inflatable boats and life jackets, immersion suits and a variety of breathing apparatus.

On the other hand, Keisha Maritime also delivers stationary items, pyrotechnic items, pilot ladder, navigational products, safety shoes and boots, chemicals, hardware items and such. Everything you need for your complete protection. Keisha Maritime offers services on a 24/7 hour basis, and the company has a fully fitted raft service station.