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As a leading Malaysia fire fighting equipment & fire protection equipment distributor, Keisha Marine supplies a wide range of fire fighting products that meet the demands of the industry.
We at Keisha Marine believe that fire fighters need to be ready to move at a second's notice. Therefore, comfortable and reliable fire fighting equipment, and tools and outfit are an absolute must for every firefighting professional. We are the largest supplier of fire fighting equipment in Malaysia. We are extremely passionate to make sure your ship is protected at all costs.
Our customers continue to use Keisha Marine as their go-to supplier because of our premium quality fire fighting equipments. While looking through our inventory, you will find items you forgot you even needed. Our fire fighting equipments reflect the needs of industries, production companies, and oil exploration companies and well as ships. We offer a wide range of firefighter gear. Keisha Marine has what you need for performance and functions when seconds count. We carry common fire fighting equipment such as fire hydrants, fireman outfit, fire hose, breathing apparatus, fire extinguisher, and the list goes on and on. So check out our fire fighting equipment and find everything you need!