Malaysia's Leading Marine Safety Equipment Supplier

Keisha Marine Services Sdn. Bhd. (KMS) is a leading supplier in Safety Equipments and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Malaysia. Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) is crucial to minimize the risk to a person’s health and safety during work. We provide marine products, safety equiments, ship supply, chemical products, life rafts and other personal protective equipments in Malaysia. We mainly supply to ships of every kind in the marine industry. We make sure our marine products and safety equipments meet international standards (requirements from International Maritime Organization by complying Safety of Life at Sea standards). Our marine equipments and personal protective equipments are offered at a fair price to all customers. Keisha Marine has our very own life raft service center to cater to clients whenever they are in need of repair and maintenance services. We are dedicated in supplying and sustaining a long term working relationship with our clients by providing only the best in the marine industry.


safety boot Keisha marine Malaysia is a leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplier. Keisha Marine provides the widest range of PPE and protective products that are used in different industries with reliable and comfortable safety solutions. These PPE products include safety shoes and boots, safety helmets and various ranges of safety apparels.
Keisha marine is one of the leading marine safety equipment suppliers in Malaysia. Keisha Marine offers comprehensive marine safety equipment. We have years of experience in manufacturing marine safety equipment and marine products. We are committed to provide quality marine safety equipment at competitive price. Our marine safety equipments include life boats, life jackets and vest, and other marine safety equipments.
marine products We provide marine equipment and ship supply; spare parts, life saving equipment to ships of every kind in the marine industry. We are committed to servicing the continual growth of the maritime industry in Malaysia by providing quality marine products, marine services and ship supply throughout Malaysia.
protective aids Keisha Marine offers a large variety of ship supply for marine safety purposes. Our ship supply meets international standards and manufactured under stringent demands. We are committed in providing quality ship supply to ensure safety of marines. Our ship supply includes life boats, life rafts etc.
bellow pump Keisha Marine is a leading liferaft supplier in Malaysia. Keisha Marine also offers comprehensive liferaft equipment. We supply life craft and life boat products like sea anchor, plastic oar, bellow pump etc. We make sure our liferaft and equipments is complete and manufactured in quality.

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