Marine Ship Supply in Malaysia

When it comes to marine ship supply in Malaysia, companies that offer marine services have been known to supply various safety equipment, which also include personal protective equipment like life rafts and other vital ship supplies that are equally important. The safety equipment ensures maximum safety for workers and other people aboard the ship. Many ships look for reliable suppliers and buy only products that are of great quality in order to serve their purpose effectively and for a long time.

Marine Safety Equipment

There are many Malaysian companies that provide marine safety equipment which ensures that the operations of the ship are done safely with the necessary safety precautions observed. Life jackets and vests, life boats, firefighting equipment, safety shoes, pilot ladders, marine posters, flags and books electrical equipment, navigational products, pyrotechnic items and so on are some of the products offered.

Electrical Equipment & Products

Electrical equipment and other related products are equally important to a ship because they provide much needed light when there is no natural light. Some of the most important electrical products are fluorescent ceiling lights, electric insulation putty, marine waterlight plugs, marine nylon plugs, waterlight switches, reflector lamp lighting fixtures and many others.

Pryrotechnic Items

Pryrotechnic Items are also part of marine supplies. They are important when a life-saving situation occurs. Some of them can be used to send signals to other ships or communication towers on the shore when help is needed. Some of the pyrotechnic items are line throwing appliances, man overboard, parachute rocket, orange smoke and the red hand flare.

Navigational Products

Hardware items are required in a ship supply because they help in performing minor repairs when need arises. The items include silicon guns, grease guns, serving mallet hammers, brass butterfly wing nut and so on. They often come in handy whenever there is repair work available. More often minor repairs are carried out to avoid catastrophes, especially when the ship is miles away from the shore.

Firefighting Equipment

A ship needs to be well supplied with enough firefighting equipment to ensure that any fire that occurs is dealt with effectively. Having adequate firefighting equipment will ensure the safety of everyone aboard the ship. Fire buckets, fire hydrants, fire blankets, fire extinguishers, fire axes and so on are some of the very important firefighting equipment that all ships must have.

Liferaft and Lifeboat Equipment

Liferaft and Lifeboat Equipment are also very important when the crew needs to leave the ship in urgency. Products like plastic oars, sea anchors, bellow pumps and so on are some of the liferaft equipment that are a must have for every ship.

Most Malaysian marine supply companies offer the above equipment and more. They also ensure that they only offer high quality products that have passed the international quality standards. Most of these products are available at competitive prices. However, some of the above products can also be used in other situations not necessarily in a ship. We continue to maintain quality in our production of marine products in order to meet the increasing market demand.